Development of web applications and custom software

We want to be part of informatisation process of your company.
We take care of the development of web applications, custom software or information system, which will automate your business. 

Custom-made software

Companies distinguish by different working methods and policies, engaging in various areas with different focus, therefore they need custom-made software. Our solutions are perfect, whether your business is focused on industry (production, logistics, distribution and other) or services (insurance, health services, business services and other) and you deal with a vast amount of data. We design and implement software, which process and evaluate data according to your needs. 

We don’t adapt to software! We adapt software to your company.

I want s custom-made software

Development of web apps

We are specialized in development of web apps. There is no challenge, which our expert team cannot cope with be it custom-made project or standard solutions of web portals, e-commerce or robust web sites. Web app will reflect your ideas since the initial assignment, implementation up to the long-term support. We will accept all challenges to solve seemingly insoluble business problems, thanks to the software.

Get a custom-made web app.

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Information system for companies

Quantitative management of the company is the crucial part of its development and well-planned information system is the useful tool for running and monitoring your company. Everyday operating, production and administrative tasks can be easily handled by our IS, starting with management and records of cash flow, through the HR management and planning up to the optimization and automatization of production and management. Training of employees and long term support are granted since the implementation of the information system.

Run your business effectively! Implement information system!

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Cloud Apps

Web apps, online software and information systems are being uploaded to the cloud, as a matter of principle. Security, durability and data access are business priority, therefore whether you are using smart phone, portable tablet or office pc we keep your data safe and accessible. Cloud services are adjustable in any situation and according to the size and requirements of the company.

From standard webhosting in data center up to Google Cloud and AWS services.

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