Other services

We complete our versatility and wide-range of focus in IT business with the offer of other services.
Our aim is to cover IT and online projects completely and through all stages of their life cycle.

Graphic design

Crucial part in all kinds of our services, whether it is mobile apps, information systems or web apps is correct implementation of UI/UX. UI - user interface targets on easy handling of apps. Aim of the UX- user experience is simple and logical use of the app, intuitive for users. UI and UX distinguish good projects from those successful. 

We are also specialized in graphic material development for online marketing - advertisement campaign banners, social network posts etc. We do not disregard creation of print materials and management of corporate identities - catalogues, pamphlets, logo design manuals or other advertisement materials. 

Beauty sells! Design is a tool for commerce, not fashion fad!



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Host services and domains

We provide our customers with the full support throughout online projects, even in the additional areas connected with apps operations. In case you have an app designed by us, we can secure its webhosting on our servers with high level of accessibility and reliability or alternatively to secure Google or Amazon cloud solutions. Besides that, we can register your web domain or arrange SSL (https) certificate.

All under one roof, under one contact address.

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Having problem with specification of your project or initial analysis adjustment? Need a help with design of information system, optimization of processes or online marketing consulting? Contact us. Our expert team of programmers, marketers and managers will analyze the situation and propose the best solution. 

The best solutions are based on proper preparation and experience!


Being innovative and surpassing the competition is essential for us. We keep up with the latest trends in the development of mobile apps, information systems and software. New technologies are applied during the development. We are not afraid of challenges and will gladly fulfill ideas, which require cutting-edge innovation.

For us, innovation is constant change, which leads to creation of value for the client.


Every project requires individual and innovative approach and we try to deliver specific value. We enjoy making your ideas better and special. Satisfied customer is our success.

Solutions developed with “different” approach is embedded in business culture of ambitas!

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