How is mobile app created? Story from A to Z

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11 May 2018 - ambitas

How is mobile app created? Story from A to Z
How is mobile app created? Story from A to Z

Are you interested in mobile app development process? We do it this way in ambitas.

Are you interested what is hidden behind the mobile app development process? It is not the simple process at all. Step by step we will outline what you should expect when considering build mobile app. This is development process we follow in ambitas.

Contact and meeting

The story of mobile app development begins when you contact us. Most often it is via our contact form. Our intern system automatically informs relevant employees, who are starting to work on your requirement. We will contact you back to find out more information about your idea. In the case of interest we will arrange a meeting. The purpose of a meeting is getting more detailed information about your project. On the other hand, after the meeting you will be able to decide whether or not you want to cooperate with us.

Analysis of the situation

After the introductory meeting we will clearly know your requirement, which we will try to analyze. Give structure and form to all these thoughts and ideas. The result of the analysis is mobile app specification. Specification is document where everything about app is written. Its goal, function, what should application do, how it should look like, how the entire application should work from A to Z. If the programmers get this specification, they will know how to develop the application.

Suggestion of solution and estimated cost of app

Specification of mobile app is also related to solution what we have suggested. This part of mobile app development is very important. It is easier to rewrite part of specification than reprogram part of the code. It is important to make sure that we as a software company have understood your idea right and that you agree with solution we have provided. Next step in collaboration is the cost you are willing to spend on mobile app development. Let\\\'s know that we deal with you fairly and the price of app is adapted to its size and complexity.

Mobile app development

If we got to this point of mobile app development, you like us and we like you. Together we are going to build new project and we look forward to doing so. You have to be patient and give time to our skillful programmers to develop the entire application. Of course, you are constantly informed about our progress. To learn more about the duration of mobile app development, read our article “How much does it cost and how much does it take to develop mobile app?”

Mobile application testing

Application testing is another step in creating a successful mobile app. We test mobile app internally in company but of course you test it too. We try to find all the bugs and errors to provide you fully functional app that runs smoothly.

Mobile application release

So we are at the end of the mobile app development. Everything works the way it should. You are satisfied and we are satisfied too. You can use mobile app internally in your company or if you want to submit your app to the app store, we will help you with online marketing.


By releasing of mobile app, our collaboration does not end. You can contact us with any problem. You may find that you want to add some function to the app. It is not problem for us. We will be happy if you contact us also for further cooperation with us on other software. In addition, besides mobile applications, we also make information systems or web applications - ambitas | make IT happen.