Case-study: UX design at its best

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21 Sep 2018 - ambitas

Case-study: UX design at its best
Case-study: UX design at its best
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Do not let user think (too much)

UX design is all about how comfortable user feels while using the created application. If the navigation is too complicated or you force user to do/click/tap more than he needs to - you have got the problem.

Here in ambitas, we created the simple “DO” and “DON’T DO” animations to help you avoid the basic mistakes in designing an application.


Do not let the user think (too much)

In the example below we created small case-study. Two different designs; Two different approaches. You can clearly see how proper UX can make ‘the life’ easier for the user.


In “DON’T DO” animation you can see that the approach to UX design is bad. You are forcing user to select the sex and the eyes color through the modal screen. To fulfill the form, user needs to tap on the screen 6 times and is routed through the 3 different screens. That is not what you usually want to do, as the form fulfilling is supposed to be quick and easy.




In “DO” animation you can see that some “analysis” was done before the designing process even started. Selecting the sex is pretty much just I/O choice - so why would you route user to subsite to select the proper value? But UX went even further. For these examples we assume that we have specification from the client that says: Users will be mostly women. In order to spare as much time for user as we can we automatically preselected the women sex in the form.

We pretty much do the same thinking also with the eye color field. There are not so many choices for the eyes color of human race. Usually it is blue, green, brown and to make sure that we cover just everyone, we added the “other” option as well. In this option you can actually go even further with UX design. If your targeted audience is e.g. woman from the Sweden - you should probably put the blue color before every other. If you are targeting globally, you can simply find the study that says that approximately 50% of population has brown eyes, so in that case you put the brown color on the very first spot.

What has been achieved?!

With a short analysis and proper UX approach we actually saved a valuable time for user while fulfilling the form. Instead of 7 different taps on the screen, user had to tap only once (if we consider the fact that user was a woman). Instead of routing the user through the 3 different screens, user stayed on one page and had a clear overview on what is expected from her/him.

Short summary is simple. Always make sure that your app is tuned for ux/ui performance and that you always have your targeted audience in your mind while you make any kind of data collection. Costs spent on proper and tuned design will actually return in user’s better experience with app and more forms getting fulfilled.